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01 July 2019


David Eldon

To "a fan" - an interesting question, although having been out of Britain for more than 50 years and without having any particular intention to return I am not sure I can speak to British "obligations".
However that aside, your email address, as provided, appears to have been created for the sole purpose of asking a hypothetical question and now the address seems to have been deleted. I have to ask myself why. Journalist?

A fan

Do you think Britain has any obligation (moral or otherwise) to give citizenship to all BNO passport holders in HK? China is not even recognizing the Joint Declaration, and in my (and I guess many HK people's) view reneging on the promise of one country two systems and high degree of autonomy.

I certainly hope we will continue to have your unique insight (or at least hindsight by then) when the basic law expires!


Hi Mr. Eldon - I'm a journalist in Hong Kong; I'd love to get your comment on something related to this post, but I can't find your contact details. Would you kindly contact me on the email I provided?

Rajib Dalui

Nice post author. Thank you. Keep it up.

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