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06 January 2019



Glad that you enjoyed your Laos trip. I love Luang Prabang! Also, just while exploring a movie biopic of Lee Kuan Yew today, I found out that Lee's (not your guide) favored journalist - the talented writer and once upon a time MI6 field officer Dennis Bloodworth, wrote a long forgotten and supposedly hilarious novel about Laos back in 1972. I'll try to track it down, and pass it to you if it is any good. We all know how much time you have for reading nowadays ;)

David Eldon

In response to the comment asking if there is not a "middle way" - I can only say "I wish". The unfortunate thing here is that, as you say, politicians are quick to exploit the differences (joined by the media often) and of course a policy that allows those that "have" something to keep it sits well with those that "have". (Please forgive the over-use of the quotation marks). My argument is not to deny people the right to "have" - but to be reasonable about what they need. In Britain, a labour government will certainly ensure those that "have" are taxed to such an extent that they will be significantly reduced in wealth - but then comes the issue of what happens to that money. Fair distribution? I somehow doubt it.

John D

In this post, you draw attention to the seeming greed of those who are unwilling to share what they have, and also to the apparent envy of many of those who desire what they have not got.

Sadly, selfishness and suffering appear to define the path followed by much of humanity, and a lot of politicians are not slow to take advantage of these differences for their own ends.

Is there not a middle way, perhaps one that cuts out self serving politicians? Or are we too far gone for that?

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