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31 December 2018


David Eldon

Plant-based pork? ... even if I never turn vegan Jeremy (more likely) I will at least give it a go - especially as it seems to be a Hong Kong "invention".


Speaking of hope in the Year of the Pig, I need to take you out to lunch to try out plant-based pork. Ahaha do tell me if you had an involuntary roll of eyes when you read that first sentence

Helmut Knipp

David, thanks for your comments. You are correct, the media are only part, although a major one, of the problem. It all starts with the leftward, socialist/communist tilt of the so-called democratic party. The media are their run-in dogs leading the way. And you know what running dogs can do if you don't control them.
By the way, Before I became a Legal US Citizen, President John F. Kennedy was elected and had I been able to vote, I would have voted for him. By the way, he was a Catholic. Today he would be an outcast in his own party as they even try to keep Catholics from public office. This is really getting sick.
Other than that, everything is fantastic!

Datuk Abdul Ghani Abdullah

Dear David,

You remember me, Datuk Abdul Ghani Abdullah. I used to have a law firm at the HSBC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur when you were the CEO of the bank.

I would like to get in touch with you. Is it possible for you to let me have your email address and your phone details so that I can get in touch with you.

Best Regards,



David Eldon

Helmut, nice to hear from you and know that you remain well and happy. Your views on Mr. Trump are similar to others and I respect the rights of people to believe and say what they think. I just do not think that one can blame everything on the media - although I have had my own issues with them at times on what has often been a question of their interpretation or “spin” on something, or only on publishing half the story. My issue is more direct where the President is clearly on record about issues such as Saudi Arabia or this wall as clearly having said one thing at one time
and saying something different later. Not a misinterpretation, but a complete volte face. Whatever it is Helmut we need some solutions - globally. UK is a mess, Europe looks shaky, the Middle East is volatile and Asia is emerging - one way and another. 2019 is the year of the pig in the Chinese calendar and we all know what pigs can be like!!

Helmut Knipp

Dear David,
"Whoosh" is certainly correct. I feel the same way and don't know where the year went. Fortunately my wife and I are still healthy, walk upright and breathe normally. What else can we want except that this conditions continues in 2019 and beyond.
However, I find myself compelled to comment on your evaluation/opinion of President Donald Trump. You are correct in stating that the US needed to change, take a stand and focus. President Trumps election is the result of that real and urgent need. Obama's 8 years put us in the toilet and if Hillary had been elected, she would have flushed us down. The average American saw that, hence the need for change.
Is President Trump perfect? No, but he is far superior over what we had before. I have, other than 16 years in Hong Kong, lived in the US for almost 50 Years. I have voted for every President since 1968 when I became a citizen, legally, and President Trump is the best and smartest President in my memory. Considering that he is not only fighting the socialist/communist left but also their masters and lying cabal in the media along with a few misguided rino's (ie. Romney and others of that ilk), he has held up exceedingly well. Lesser men would have given up and said, "Who needs this", he certainly does not.
So, I thank you for realizing some of that in your blog.
As for the Europeans, they seems to have lost the plot and we can only pray for them as they are killing their own ancient civilization by their actions.
Anyway, I miss Hong Kong and our occasional lunches.
Happy New Year

John D

Thank you, David.

Never mind the time lapse, you have provided another interesting post.

As to the pessimism expressed therein, we do rather seem to be in a position such that we can only accept what happens ... perhaps no point in worrying too much: just be prepared, at least internally.

But do not let that stop you dealing with the world (in whatever way) in an effort to achieve at least a modicum of improvement for someone, somewhere.

Kind regards

David Eldon

James thank you; I guess the Blog report card needs to read "Can do better" - it has a familiar ring to it, back to my actual schooldays.
Well, there is room for improvement in all of us - as much as there is hope, he says - being about to sit down for breakfast with four grandchildren aged from 10 -4. Always try and take meals with the children - unlike this individual "eat when your'e ready attitude" 'cos you're in a rush - and keep the devices OFF the table. :-)
Happy New Year

David Eldon

Ah ... the share price. Not just HSBC but the rest of the market. finding those little jewels is becoming harder - so cash is king once again unless of course you happen live in the Greater Bay area of Southern China where iCash only accepted.


Mr Eldon,

You have been sorely missed! On a weekly basis I was checking this site waiting for the updated blog.

A very happy new year to you! And yes, as they have said many times but in different ways (Twain stated that history does not repeat but rhymes), common sense is a little uncommon these days.

Lets hope for greater common sense in 2019!

Oh and well done for clocking up 50 years at HSBC!



I clock up 40 years in the industry this year. I started at NatWest in the 70s. Still working a bit in HK and share your sense of despair at what I see. But the more history I read the more I realise none of this is new. Different actors, same plot. We will turn it round. Maybe not immediately but probably faster than we expect. Brexit is sheer madness and founded in ignorance and outdated jingoism. I hope it crumbles before it can damage the country beyond salvation. Congratulations on 50 years with HSBC. Can you get the share price up a bit please David?

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