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20 August 2018


John A

Yes, we have to at least start. Societies are made up of multiple communities. There are the “some said in earlier post” professional communities and others. What I mean is “a demographic area that encompasses multiple components.
Current scenario around the world is the disintegration of communities into “exclusive” instead of “inclusive”..Middle class and Post Capitalism syndrome (fear of others and protect self interest intensely even beyond human understand) and major Identity Crisis in many continents.

“Justified Suffering has become An Evil Contagion”, we need to start by getting different racial, cultural and social classes of people using a community platform for their daily needs, as in food. And within this platform (venue-a community space) they can see “community services such as Art classes for persons with disability” and or elderlies, a community component that is now positioned so afar from our daily lives....
Using these soft touches without instructural intrusion can, hopefully, create a small Humane Contagion through sense of care in a community.

David Eldon

I'm not sure what sort of "living" they are making out of stirring up trouble - but slimy they certainly are. And in some cases they are just bullies seeking some sort of dominance over decent human beings. The politicians, or certainly the current crop, seem incapable of doing much and as I mentioned in a previous blog the world is short of leaders - at least of the right sort. But add, too - and I will be criticised for this one - the part that religion has had to play. At this moment in time with one particular religion - but here we go back to history and the terrible cruelty perpetrated in the name of religion.

John D.

Perhaps the major problem blocking the way to a "common level of understanding within the world" is those slimy people who make their livings out of stirring up dissent and unhappiness.

Shakespeare blamed the lawyers.

Others might blame the politicians.

Kind regards.

David Eldon

You describe accurately human nature and human failing. In fact I am not at all sure that the attempts at political correctness and "inclusion" generally, put forward by people with good intentions, are necessarily the answer at correcting our failings. And yes, communities do tend - if narrowly defined - to become a "club" of sorts. Go back a mere 120 years and look at maps of Eastern Europe then - and again during the period after the second world war - and now. The communities that were forcibly split and "amalgamated" for want of a better expression have largely now re-created themselves in their previous - pre first world war likeness. That said - is it absolutely beyond the wit of the people who inhabit this earth, at least for now, to work towards some form of global community? Robert Burns described it well in the phrase "man's inhumanity to man" - we do have a tendency to close our minds and our doors, with the recent spate of particular nationalism that is growing around us a worrying reminder of past conflict. Ah well, perhaps I dream too much, and also perhaps your use of the word society rather than community is a better choice. Either way I hope we get closer to a more common level of understanding within the world.

John D

Given my experience over such a short time in this world, I want to say that in my humble opinion, any so-called "community" will in all likelihood be exclusionary, to a lesser or greater degree, even (indeed often) bordering on the exclusive.

(For example, some religious communities, various clubs and societies, even some residential "communities" here in Hong Kong.)

However, "society" can be very inclusive.

With that said, I feel that we should be working towards an understanding and inclusive society, rather than towards the almost unachievable goal of "all embracing" communities.

Which is why I do what I do.

Kind regards.

David Eldon

Absolutely correct on the Community issues John - but from my perspective it would be better if those communities were all -embracing. I fear our current trends take us more down the closed clans route than the open communities. It has perhaps always been that way; people being jealous of their own community - something driven by ethnicity, religion, and language. Language can be overcome, but the other traits are harder.
I agree with you, however, that we have to at least start!

John A

To start, we need to rebuild communities...rekindle social capital....by establishing community platforms for : cultural, racial and social understanding, acceptance, respect and hopefully engagement...
David, I am ready to take on this task in a tiny way....rebuild communities around me....we should all do....thanks for the touching article...great encouragement.....heartfelt...

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