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18 August 2018


David Eldon

Totally agree that it has been around a long time; the added dynamic for me is that (mis)information travels so much more quickly, often through an (anti) social media - witness perhaps the article in the Financial Times yesterday about the Hong Kong Jockey Club which quotes me, but which from the line of questioning to which I was subjected made me suspect this was a journalist more interested in making a name for himself; or my interview in New York by a well known Journal on the implications of the handover who, after I had given them my plain, true to me, version of what I thought would happen put down their pens after 45 minutes and said “fascinating, Mr. Eldon - now - off the record what’s the real story?” My version of events clearly did not suit their pre-conceived ideas or half-written article and nothing I said which, I am happy to say echoed comments made by others and which so far anyway have proven accurate, appeared in their subsequent story.

John D

Tinkering with history is not just a current phenomenon.

In particular, the "winning" sides in all those conflicts that have taken place over the centuries have ensured that their version of events prevails in the annals of such.

With that in mind, it is probable that written history has been somewhat unreal and not a little inaccurate since records began, so nothing new there.

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