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02 April 2018


David Eldon

Thank you for the recent comments, plus those I have received via emails from people I never knew even read the Blog. Very much appreciated, and your support encourages me to persevere.
My biggest frustration remains one of time and there have been two or three issues - mixed with emails asking specific questions about various matters that I would really like to respond to in Blog format.
Will try harder!!

John D

Yet another thought provoking post.

Thank you, David

Geoff Cook

I haven’t dipped in for a while and regret it. These columns are full of life experience and wisdom. Leadership is ultimately in its character borne out of values, good or ill. Yours are good my friend and you were a great leader, and in terms of setting an example through thoughtful reflection you are still a good leader - Best wishes from Europe, Geoff

David Eldon

More a Thoughtful Berserker than inebriated viking, but hey ...who cares. You are what you want to be, which in my case leaves me somewhat puzzled!!
Good friends should tell you the truth and that brings you right down to the difference between acquaintances and true friends, the latter being a term used far too freely in my view and especially on things like Facebook, for example where to de-friend someone appears to be a heinous crime.
I agree you always need people to be honest with you - and even if they put a friendship at risk by doing so. I know a number of cases where this has happened but the deliverer of the bad news - in every instance - was actually correct.
Thank you for your thoughts.


Hi David,

Good 'friends' we all have had or still have, or most 'realistic' people, say what they think in a relatively truthful manner based on what they understand of life at that time.

This may be old fashioned of some of us or just maybe rational thinking practiced by in my opinion, fewer people nowadays? It invites comment.

Some friends that i have had over the years that agreed with what i said, were good pals, i still love them, but the ones that disagreed at times were wiser and truer friends. Same in business, do you agree? From this perspective, they can test and make ones leadership if one is in that position, a lot better.

Your sage comments on life above, which i overall like and concur with, invite commentary in return.

Socrates was put to death for allegedly inventing new gods and not believing in the gods mandated by the city of Athens.

Internet comments when we put ourselves out there, that are less than PC zombie or Pooh, depending on your point of view is the essence of interaction with others.

We can still take a few lessons from the classical Greeks in this day and age and of course Pooh Bear: 'the things that make me different, are the things that make me'.

I still have no time for cheaters, as they basically cheat what they could have been.


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