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19 March 2018


John D

Let each of us get on with each our own path through life, to the best of our own individual inclinations and abilities, without trying to live life for any other person, and without trying to second-guess anyone.

From that point of view, keep going David: you provide an interesting and well-seasoned commentary.

Kind regards.

know jack shit, politely put

Hi David,
Skal/cheers to 2018, and good runes for the year ahead, 'Wine enters, secret goes out', or 'in vino veritas'!
There is something to be said for the Vikings mentality or lack thereof.

Lets ban guns, knifes, pen knifes, ropes, pointy things, and so on... Lets ban planes, they may cause fatalities, or cars, etc. In essence maybe the problem may basically be, a lack of realistic perspective in a real world, this was not a issue a generation or two back. Or the 'nub' of the problem, is a real time lack of moralistic perspective in the world today, or am i just an old viking, or less than pc zombie?
Compromise and factual thinking eventually rule the day, whatever our opinions are.

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