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04 December 2017


David Eldon

Thank you for your recent comments which are well received. (A quiet and cool Saturday in the New Territories?)
I will add your suggested viewing to my list - and thank you for them. I was somewhat disturbed by a Netflix series called Black Mirror - not necessarily by the content although that was bad enough but actually by creating a realisation of how close we are to potentially losing the plot.
As for the comment on "From One End To The Other" - no, sir praise is not sought; it is more than enough if I create awareness. I have received some other comments on that one in particular although to me directly rather than in "Comment" form. I continue to be pleasantly surprised by people who turn up out of the woodwork who I had no idea read my various Blogs. It is without a doubt encouraging.
Thank you also, David, for being supportive.

John D

Thank you,David.

May I ask if you have watched Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" and "Alien: Covenant"?

Both relevant to the development of your theme.

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