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29 December 2017


David Eldon

It’s odd, I suppose in that in myself I am not as pessimistic as the Blog might indicate - but then I am in a rather more privileged position than very many others and frankly I care more about them.
On Ms Park - and you raise an interesting point. Like you I suspect,when I see something like the original I do try and check on its veracity. This is partly why it has taken me two weeks to include it in my Blog. The link you have attached, and a number of others I have looked at - called into question some of the story and the background. That said some of the apparent inconsistencies have been given an explanation. I have also checked with some contacts I trust, and I am satisfied that the general thrust of the message, which is what interested me, checks out, so I felt sufficiently confident about including it.
Happy New Year

John D

What a pessimistic post. Sadly, I cannot find much to disagree with in your analysis.

Anyway: yes, I had seen that Yeonmi Park video some years ago, and was moved to cry.

And did you know that she spoke at the FCC in April this year?

But, there really does seem rather a lot more to Ms Yeonmi Park than perhaps meets the casual eye watching your video.

You might (or might not) like to chew on this link https://thediplomat.com/2014/12/the-strange-tale-of-yeonmi-park/

Please do try and have a good 2018.

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