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22 August 2017


jeremy s

In your case, David, you look absolutely fantastic now

Seeing you again this week, I thought you look better and healthier now than you ever did in the ten of so years that I have known you. Prime stuff.

Really impressed, and hope I can do the same.

David Eldon

Thank you sir; serves me right for typing it on an iPad using large fingers and then not double checking I had the number correct. 70 is the correct number, of course, and I had put 60.
On the Hong Kong Old Age Allowance issue, I must confess to not having made any claims, nor thought about doing so, and is perhaps because I feel - putting aside for a moment the principle to which you correctly refer - I can currently afford not to be a drain on the public purse. I do know plenty of examples both here in Hong Kong and elsewhere (London a good case in point), where many people, and those who seriously do not need the benefit follow the principle. I don't disagree with it - I just haven't practiced it - yet! Kind regards and thank you for your support.

John D

A nice post, but one that does need a rather important correction, David:
Bismark's pension scheme (the Old Age and Disability Insurance Law of 1889)was actually for workers who had reached the age of 70, and not 65, as you erroneously state.

That does indeed seem to be the age that most governments who do that sort of thing will move to, if they are not there already. Why on earth should a fit 65 year old be able to live off the State for the next 30 odd years?

A propros de rien: have you claimed your own Old Age Allowance of HKD1350 from the Hong KOng Government,yet?

In this matter, it is not the amount that counts, but the principle: claim it to support the privilege for future generations to claim, without means testing.

Kind regards.

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