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23 August 2017


John D

A solution to all these problems of the world would indeed be nice, but I do not think that there will be one coming any time soon.

As you do indeed seem to acknowledge, it is not necessarily a religious solution that is needed; we have already seen terrorist type attacks using bombs and vehicles in the United States (the Oklahoma City bombing, all those years ago, and more recently the Charlottesville vehicular murder) that have no basis in religion, but which are based on a dislike of organised government ... and/or an irrational and disgusting hatred of other people.

In that, there are similarities with our own social situation here in Hong Kong, and we should be looking to solve our own problem first, before moving on to the rest of the world. A couple of years ago demonstrators were very violent: security guards and police officers were injured; trams and buses were prevented from running; MTR staff were threatened by thugs not to open certain station exits; civil servants were harassed by thugs on their way to work; some school children were bullied by teachers and physically assaulted by other students because of a police officer parent; some private doctors refused to render treatment to police officers ... there was even an explosive device set off outside the main government office building at Tamar.

Such activities are wrong, and should be condemned by all right thinking people (of whom there seem fewer each time I check). Some of the acts fall under our domestic anti riot law and possibly even under our anti terrorism law. Others are criminal assaults and cowardly and despicable breaches of the duty of care we each (should) have to each other.

And given our position as Asia's World City, why on earth was a more recent (admittedly, peaceful) demonstration arranged to protest about our judges and our current effective equitable and impartial rule of law? Some people clearly do not realise a good thing when they have it.

At present, we seem to be playing into the hands of those who would see Hong Kong fail. The main problem here - apart from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the large amounts of cash reaching Hong Kong activists from sources outwith Hong Kong - is the unequal distribution of assets and income and the sheer unfairness in the way our society now works.

And yet, except for the NED, it was probably the same under the British, but people did seem to have had hope then. Actually, for myself, I do remain hopeful, and hope that those people working from within Hong Kong to destroy it can expand their horizons, swallow their hatred and see a better way forward.

I enjoy your thoughts, please keep writing.

Kind regards

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