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26 June 2017


John D

Thank you for another thoughtful post, David.

But what to do about "the lunatics taking over the asylum" here in Hong Kong? We hear demands for more and more "democracy", and this has led to quite a split in our society and given opportunity for demagogues to exploit what democratic processes we do have in order to confuse the masses and to reap maximum benefit for themselves and their cronies, while doing not very much at all for the benefit of the ordinary person.

In this situation, I remind myself that democracy is not an end in itself (except perhaps in providing jobs for professional politicians); it is instead one means to achieving an end, which end could be defined as "liberty and freedom from tyranny, plus the pursuit of happiness under a just equitable and effective rule of Law as determined by a reasonable consensus of society". All things considered, I think that we come quite close to that ideal, here in Hong Kong.

So with that said, I remain quite optimistic about the future of our city, within the context of China, because the powers-that-be in China (and indeed in mature democracies) understand that democratic decisions are not necessarily right decisions, and that democracy needs to be restrained by checks and balances, and by the good sense of an educated elite.

Best wishes.

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