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02 May 2017


John Scruton

A great blog David. I was also at school from 1953-60 and like you made the mistake of leaving at the end of the 5th form. Should have stayed on! However it still taught me to uphold those values you allude to

Mike Acott

Great blog David - from a fellow old Dukie

David Eldon

Boys (in particular, it would appear) need to know that the "line drawn in the sand" is there for a purpose. It seems these days that if the "line" doesn't suit everyone then it is easier and less hassle - particularly for parents I am sorry to say - to just move it. Peer pressure is a nightmare in this but honestly parenting is all about instilling appropriate behaviour. It doesn't need the strap or the back of a hair-brush or whatever of the past, but it needs resolve and patience.
Good luck Kevin


" If you cannot teach them tolerance and understanding - although yes you do also have to teach them to stand up for themselves too, then nothing will change. In fact it will only get worse."

Many thanks David for the wise words!! So true! I will put it into practice from tomorrow. One of my boys certainly need that :)

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