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01 April 2017



'We' need tradition to give us a much needed sense of perspective in a rapidly changing world. In as much as old castles/buildings that we mostly preserve, give us perspective in relationship to skyscrapers. I agree, the digital age does not replace or improve the essence of basic human morals and ethics in whatever form we view this. A portion of meat can be presented on a butchers slab or in a cellophane wrapping in an upmarket environment, but in it is still the same....

John D

Yes, physical books are indeed very important and will hopefully continue to be seen as such, especially for children.

Being able to read can be an extremely powerful factor in the struggle against poverty, and being able to hold worlds in your hands, in the form of books, can be life changing.


For me I can comprehend better/read faster on printed book. It's better to read news online tho as its more updated.

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