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31 July 2015



I have enjoyed reading your Blog. It is enlightening to read someone who can write proper English with a insightful and hearted sharing. Would be such an honour to meet you in person to discuss tropical topics, if possible one day.

Your sharing on this blog will certainly be missed.

John D

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this blog. I have enjoyed reading it.

Best wishes to you.

Kevin Chan

David, Though I understand the reasons behind it, it is indeed really sad to know that this is your final blog post.... Thanks so much for all the interesting write-ups and look forward to seeing you and Monse soon.

Best, Kevin

James L

Bravo Mr Eldon!


Your blog will be missed David, but reasons are fully understandable. Thank you for all your insights and observations....and courage in doing so.

Bryan Neal

Dear David, sorry to hear this is your final blog. Enjoyed reading them. You have a gift with words. Cojent, insightful, passionate and thought provoking. Warmest best wishes for whatever you're embarking on next. As a soon to be Grandad for the fourth time, I empathise with your changing (yet different) priorities. I just skyped with my 5 year old Grandson on his birthday and was treated to a demonstration of his latest Transformer! Completely over my head but we can enjoy learning more. Should be fun! Maybe bump into you in HK. In the meantime, warmest best wishes to you, Monse and the growing family. Aye! Bryan

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