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27 May 2015


Stephanie wright

Dear David,

The reason I am contacting you is because I am doing a family tree for my mums 50th birthday. After receiving all research from an expert doing this for me I now know that you are my Nans half brother.

Your dad is Leslie Gordon Eldon and he was married first to Gwyneth J Eldon nee Morgan and they had a daughter called Norma Eldon. However Gwyneth died in child birth and Norma was given up to adoption.

Leslie then married your mum Mary May Forbes Smith and they had you. Leslie died in South Africa in 1945 and he was a company quartermaster serjeant.

I think it is quite amazing how we have family we didn't even know about. I understand if you don't want to reply, I am just trying to fill in the gaps for my mum.

Thank you for your time


Stephanie Wright

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