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28 January 2015


Steve Tait

Dear David,

Michelin & I are so very sorry to hear this news. I never met your Mum but well recall you describing her as your role model. Indeed, in that I know she set an extraordinarily high standard. May the days ahead be filled with many happy memories for you, Monse and your family of the good times you spent together with her.


Kevin Chan

Dear David and Monse,

Our heart-felt condolences to you and family.

Though I have not met Mrs Eldon, we do share one thing in common -- I actually instructed Karen to organise a party after I pass away. I see that as a way to express my thankfulness and love to my family and friends. Not sure if Mrs Eldon is thinking of the same, but surely her love and values remain with all the admirers.

Ann Pearson

Dear David, many condolences on your Mother's passing. I met her a long time ago and remember her as a warm and delightful person - she sounds a wonderful example of a long life well lived and a departure without fear. She must have been very proud of your achievements and prouder still that you maintained her values. I came across your blog when my son was living and working in Hong Kong and the name rang a bell from the distant past and a day trip from Guernsey to Jersey!
Best wishes,

George Sequeira

Dear David,

Sincere condolences to you.

What an inspiring line on what success really means!

Best regards,

George and Meryl Sequeira

Mary Jane AU

Our hats off to you!!

With deepest sympathy and sincere CONDOLENCES, Sir.

Mary Jane, Ronnie and Jayronn AU

Bryan Neal

David, many, many condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. I lost my dear Mummy at 95 a couple of years ago. Your pain slowly eases but the memories live forever through you and inside all who's lives she touched. All the best David. Yours, aye! Bryan

Hung Wong

Dear David,

I would like to offer my sincere condolensces to you. I joined HSBC in Hong Kong in 2001 and converted to become an International Manager in 2004, under your chairmanship. You have been our best HBAP Chairman in recent past and I am sure Mrs. Eldon is very proud of you in front of other angels in heaven.

I too lost my mother, albeit at a much younger age. So I totally empathise with your feelings. You are in my prayers, David.

I have since left the bank for another company. One of these days, when you are in Hong Kong, I would like to catch up with you to get your counsel on life.

James L

"Celebrate we will, in due course, as instructed!" - WoW! Amazing! This is how it is meant to be. May God bless your mother, Mr Eldon.

Thank you for sharing. A very inspiring and loving story indeed!

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