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12 November 2014



Contrary to what Mr. Eldon likes to claim his views are all mixed up and take only one side into account - mainly the one that puts making money above all else


I think Mr Eldon is a bit rich by calling HK home. Just like most realists in HK, Mr Eldon will be the first to leave HK when the China tightens the grip and freedom of speech becomes the past.

Frankie Fook-lun Leung

I am not sure if Mr. Eldon's views reflect many of the young folks in Hong Kong these days. Mr. Eldon is wise but sometimes he fails to take into account the aspirations of those people in the grass-root level.

Kevin Chan


Thanks again for another excellent write up and speaking out. I really like your saying....Can do... Can't do....Won't do....perhaps the next one will be Never do.

With the Court now making its judgement crystal clear, I hope that everyone will go home and think seriously what should be the next step, not just for any individual or group of people, but for Hong Kong as a whole. Hong Kong cannot afford to achieve anything, at the expense of hurting the rule of law.

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