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16 September 2014



All using a pseudonym like "anon" suggests is perhaps a lack of creativity. What a pity you had to resort to ad hominem in your arguments.

I am very surprised that you think it is OK to cast a despicable slur on Benny Tai (whether caged with lots of quotation marks or not) for which there is not a shred of evidence ; and excuse the behaviour of some employers who have threatened their employees, made them go on fake marches and prevented them from taking holidays to do so. This is a commentary on your prejudices, not commenting on what is right and what isn't.

I also note your statement that you are "not questioning the assistant professors integrity" although any sensible reading of your article would indicate that you most definitely are.

Finally, I am entirely at liberty to protect my identity. That is why I used "anon". You have my email address if you want to contact me privately. I'm sure you don't.

David Eldon

What a pity you choose to hide behind an "anon" tag, as it always suggests you have something to hide.
You say that more balance might have been achieved if I also commented on tactics used by employers (tycoons or not) as they are the same. Of course they are not the same. Whilst tactics might be used by employers/senior colleagues that prevent promotions, or seek to influence some sort of public vote, that is where the similarity ends. As an employee you have a job, and the ability to change jobs. If on the other hand you are an aspiring jobseeker, relying on a decent degree that you might not get due to professorial bias , I would argue the situation is very different.


Perhaps more balance might have been achieved by suggesting that some of our employers/tycoons use exactly the tactics you are suggesting with their employees, just with an opposite aim in mind

David Eldon

Thank you for the comment. I have to admit I am no great fan of quotation marks myself, and I do try to avoid them, but occasionally I slip, particularly in the above piece with words like "mayor" - as the purists will point out we don't have one and also if I think they may help clarify things for the non-English language readers. It is also why under some words that are unusual I link them to a dictionary definition.
Anyway, point taken, thanks.

Trent Desjardin


May I offer a "tiny" bit of "editorial" advice? Use fewer "quotation marks" or, as "some" people would call them, "inverted commas". Many of those in the above "column" are "unnecessary" and confuse rather than clarify the "meaning" of the sentence. Your "commentary" would "flow" more "smoothly" if you "put a leash on those puppies"!

A Faithful "Reader"

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