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18 August 2014




I didn't accuse you of describing Long Hair as an idiot, nor did I describe him as one. Rather I was describing most, if not all the "suits" in the HK Government as idiots. My comment was on your inability to see past his T-Shirt, presumably meaning you do prefer an idiot in a suit to represent HK. Maybe some help with reading comprehension would be in order.

Indeed its not "Martin Luther King" stuff as you describe it. Neither was Martin Luther King at his time (or most other civil rights leaders at their time - most branded as Marxist revolutionaries and/or criminals) You seem to entirely misunderstand the nature of civil disobedience to achieve a valid aim. I suppose you would be happy with "Occupy a remote part of the New Territories" as it would cause little to no inconvenience for anyone. Thats the whole point - civil disobedience is supposed to cause inconvenience. Whether it makes much difference or not - well, I suppose we could just fester in our homes. That definitely won't make any difference

As to "a broader perspective of life" - you mean one exclusively gained from an expat life working for financial institutions?

Best regards

David Eldon

Thank you for somewhat proving my point. And by the way, I did not describe Long Hair as being an idiot, as you seem to have done; I think he is an intelligent man.
Civil disobedience, for the right and appropriate reasons has indeed made many beneficial and significant changes. No argument with that viewpoint - but you narrowly seem to think that all the people working in Central and who will be impeded are going to be denied the opportunity of "making lots more money for a few days". These, in overall terms, are few in number, but the people most affected are those who benefit from having jobs and who already make long journeys in to Central. They work for much less money than the few who are in your mind. They are the ones truly disadvantaged. And do you really think the proposed "civil disobedience" is going to achieve anything more than being an irritant? This is not Martin Luther King stuff, sorry. Perhaps a broader perspective of life would be of benefit.


Lets not have Long Hair representing Hong Kong, lets have another idiot in a suit!

Civil disobedience has created so many significant changes worldwide, but can't do it in Hong Kong because there is a small chance that it might impede a few people from making lots more money for a few days.


Thank you for the very refreshing piece, David. It is very useful to bring things back to perspectives, and to more accurately appreciate the history of Hong Kong (with respect to the whole development of democracy - or lack of it in the past!). Particularly interesting to see a British comment fairly about the situation!

By the way, I have an office in Central, and yes - I care!

I hope more Hong Kong people will see your piece.

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