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11 August 2014


Occupy Sheng Wan

Really.... Terrorists wreak havoc, maim hundreds or thousands of people, cause death and destruction on an enormous scale, but only the financial services industry, by accident or design, nearly brought the world to its knees. I would say stuff the shareholders and their ever increasing demands for better returns. Pleas by Douglas Flint "on behalf of people who are under a huge amount of pressure... less likely to lend money for fear of making mistakes" is almost offensively intelligence insulting. Oh, and it would really help HSBC if they didn't use the Know Your Customer guidelines to try extract as much marketing information as they possibly can. I recently received a form from HSBC Jersey, claimed by my account manager to be "mandatory" for KYC, which only just stopped short of asking me my inside leg measurement. I threw it in the bin, hopefully everyone else who received it did also.

The banks have been bailed out by everyone else to a degree which is breathtaking, a massive reward for extreme bad behaviour, and they continue to moan and threaten unless they're allowed the freedom to do it all over again. Sorry, no go.


Splendid! Someone needs to keep the candle burning for good old-fashioned common sense.

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