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01 February 2014



Very astute observation to be seriously considered.

His choice of Rodman, the former NBA star turned circus freak, is also interesting. Rodman is an utterly disreputable strange mushroom of a man who was one of the most unselfish teamplayers in NBA history.

The NBA is all about scoring, and defense is one of the least valued attributes. Rodman was a competent scorer who gave up scoring to focus on giving Michael Jordan what was needed to build a championship winning dynasty - defense and rebounds - to the point that Rodman is now in the conversation for best defender/rebounder in NBA history. He is comparable to defense/rebounding what Michael Jordan is to scoring. In terms of anticipating plays and positioning during games, Rodman had an extremely high basketball IQ (albeit perhaps in an autistic, Rainman, fashion)

I have a fondness of such players which you would love to be on your team but everyone else reviles. You can put him in the same bracket as a Vinnie Jones, Julian Dicks, Claudio Gentile, or Roy Keane....though only Keane enjoyed the sporting success comparable to Rodman.

If I were to put myself in Little Kim's shoes (what a fun exercise) as the psychotically insecure leader of the premier pariah state, and I (subconsciously) wanted a basketball ambassador to convoy a cry for help...I honestly can't think of a better fit than Dennis Rodman

Ralph Runcie

Apart from the concluding paragraph, which I cannot take seriously, this is a thought-provoking post.

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