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26 September 2013



Back to the topic - I do agree that modern, moderate Islam is missing a globally recognisable spokesperson.

Who is the face of moderate Islam today?

Just off the top of my head, I can think of several candidates but none are perfect for different reasons.

Fareed Zakaria (too liberal, non-practicing, former wine critic for Slate magazine)

Aga Khan (too privileged, denominationalism may be an issue)

Queen Rania?

I think it needs to be a concerted effort, with multiple personalities drawn from various social spheres, who can collectively represent the face of modern moderate Islam.


As they say, a few rotten apples spoil the barrel.

But are we still at the stage where there are few enough rotten apples that the whole barrel can be saved by removing the bad ones. Or does the whole barrel need to be thrown out.

Every barrel will have bad apples, but some will not remove the bad ones in time.

Not targeting this specifically at bankers. One could think of other barrels where this question applies.

Modern western society, dominated by the US capitalist model, for one. Chinese Communist Party for another. Or if we want to be less ambitious - FIFA and the PTA at the school where my kid goes to

David Eldon

Indeed! I became a filing clerk first and then worked all my way through the ranks of a profession where honesty, integrity and loyalty were an essential part of being a commercial banker. They should be the same today. Much has changed in this world and sadly not all for the good, but as my Blog suggests it is often the few that spoil it for the majority.


As long you behave like a decent human being" I was told, "and treat people properly, with respect and dignity, you won't go far wrong".

And yet you became a banker!

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