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24 March 2013


Adam Tsui

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David Eldon

Clearly the outlook for "no change" is bleak, and I would not disagree with your summary of some possible outcomes. And, I would add that this widening gulf between the rich and the poor is not limited to countries like China. Countries like Singapore are suffering a similar "disease", as is perhaps the UK too.
I would also not disagree with your statement about the fact we DO need change but as I look around,I am concerned at the lack of real leadership that can drive such change.
It's not a doomsday scenario, but we will need to expect the unexpected.


Thanks, David, for Part III - I was getting a bit lost indeed after Part II! While I do agree that often not much is changed despite the "amount of activity taking place", I would be quite concerned if your conclusion - that the changes that take place as a result of the activities are "little or no change" - would remain true going forward. I fear the world is faced with a number of critical extreme imbalances cooking away - the extremely uneven distribution of wealth between rich and poor (China, and a number of other countries) - which might lead to higher risks of social unrest, the global financial and economic system that seems to be kept alive through a number of fragile band-aid policies in order to buy time, the failure of certain political systems to address the fundamental problems at play (Europe), to name a few. Can the world continue the way it is now, without substantial change? You were right that there has been a lot of activity (or noise) without too much real change, but I believe we DO need change - I just hope that some of the "activities" going forward will lead to some REAL change. Otherwise, I fear what prospects we are faced with - a revolution, a war? (I do hope my outlook is unnecessarily bleak, by the way...)

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