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04 September 2012


Dana Ahearn

It was so wonderful to watch the disabled having a go.

David Eldon

Hi Louise - agree with your sentiments totally. I actually saw the X Factor Australia clip with Emmanuel singing some months ago; great voice, a wonderful story and a huge tribute to Ms Kelly for the life she has given to these two boys. I see that Ahmed was swimming in the Paralympics. Fabulous.

Louise palmer

Born in 1991 with significant disabilities in all four limbs, Ahmed Kelly was left at a Baghdad orphanage where he spent the majority of the first seven years of his life. Then in 1998, he met Moira Kelly from the Children’s First Foundation, who brought Ahmed and his brother Emmanuel, also born with limb deficiencies, to Australia for medical treatment.

I have copied the above..Ahmed kelly is one of our Australian athletes competing in the Games.

His courage and attitude to life are to be so admired and should really make the rest of us without such hurdles in life be very grateful

Moira kelly has adopted Ahmed and his brother Emmunual (who sings beautifully)

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