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02 June 2012


to do list

Hello David Eldon i love your post.I always like your blog post because you always come with different ideas and information. I always shared your site post with my friends. Keep posting and i will follow you.


Stories like this don't exist anymore. For someone of the same age as you were in the story, to be telling a tale at the age you are now would more go something like:

"I remember that time we sat in a meeting with the air conditioning on and our phones on the table texting our 'm8s' about where to get a like totes amazeballs soy chai latte, and we agreed to meet again two weeks later to discuss whether we agree on what we discussed in this first meeting."

More like these please!

David Eldon

Hah! It was rather a long time ago ..... and if you "almost" recognised me from then, you don't stand a chance now!! The Currency change photo would be the closest to your memory.

Two more coming out shortly (been travelling for a change!) - one on retirement ages and the other on the silly idea that giving money to banks to on-lend is going to solve the problem of credit. It was banks lending money to the wrong people that caused the trouble in the first place.
Ah well, if you don't chuckle ... you cry, and I am not one for the latter.

gillie russell-mann

Have just caught up with you again...and read your last two blogs.
Enjoyed them, and almost imagined that I recognized you! Gillie


Swashbuckling days!

If banking was more like that today, I'd have wanted to be banker

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