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17 May 2012


James Geldart

Great to read, and as a current player in Dubai, I hope that the rise of social media and photo sharing helps to preserve more memories like this for the future. As times change...some things remain constant..but these days the burns come from Astroturf! Very enjoyable blog!

David Eldon

... and Ritson Harrison, hand "fetchingly" on hip. Good memory recall. Thank you.

Robin Edwards

I like the nostalgia, Roger Jepson, Dave McClernon, Norman Owen and Peter Moir are all prominent in the shot. I think I recognise a few others too. Must post some other shots from the good old days. Pretty sure I have touring photos from Bangkok, Singapore and of course the sevens winning side of 1979.

Thomas Brown

What handsome muttonchops. Sir, you were the very splitting image of Harry Flashman.


Ronald Pearson

Fascinating. Thank you for sharing.

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