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15 April 2012


Annual Travel Insurance

"All I have to say on the subject is that if you are planning a trip and Trip Advisor is your sole guide, maybe you should be digging a little broader and deeper." I am agreed with you. There is nothing to doubt about it. Its not enough to travel with a travel advisor there are some other things which are very important as well for your trip.

David Eldon

... meaning of course that you just have to go and see for yourself. But brilliantly vivid description- unfortunately. Although as one eminent captain of industry was heard to exclaim some years ago on the subject of suppositories, "...for all the good it did me, I might just as well have shoved it up my backside". Enough on THAT particular subject, I think.


When it comes to critics, how about that great Scot - AA Gill. There's nobody more evisceratingly gifted, more entertainingly mean-spirited.

His review of one of the most celebrated restaurants in Paris was what caught my attention, and he has proven to be worth my Times subscription ever since. Can't take him seriously (man can't even handle a durian) but he knows how to craft a swipe.

"From Bill Clinton to Woody Allen, it seems every American (or Brit) visiting Paris on an expense account has the same favorite “Please don’t write about it” bistro: L’Ami Louis.
Given its colonic décor, surly service, unbelievable food, and hefty bill, the restaurant is a true Gallic triumph

What you actually find when you arrive at L’Ami Louis is singularly unprepossessing. It’s a long, dark corridor with luggage racks stretching the length of the room. It gives you the feeling of being in a second-class railway carriage in the Balkans. It’s painted a shiny, distressed dung brown. The cramped tables are set with labially pink cloths, which give it a colonic appeal and the awkward sense that you might be a suppository. In the middle of the room is a stubby stove that also looks vaguely proctological."

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