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09 February 2012



David, thank you so much for writing about your visit to the school and library that your family, along with Room to Read, have supported. As the founder of the organization, I speak for all of us when I say that we are proud to have such a savvy investor, and generous philanthropist, as part of our global family.


It is the human spirit underlying the piece, David. Donors, caring teachers, children surrounded by poverty and political strife -- they share your conviction that the world can be made better by education. It broadens horizons, and hopefully makes a generation better understand difference in an increasingly connected world. Happiness, as you have observed in the school, is to be able to appreciate simple kindness and give it too...a contrast to the street scene outside of Princes' Building!

David Eldon

That is kind, thank you. But was there a particular aspect that caught your imagination?
Most of what I write is the result of questions I get asked - or something that catches my eye, usually financial, political or economic - and the readership numbers reflect that to be the case.
This piece was slightly different, of course, but I wondered whether it was the charitable nature, education, Hong Kong, or what .. ?

Noah Webster

An excellent post, Mr. Eldon. One of your best.

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