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10 August 2011


David Eldon

Thank you for the comment, and the confirmation. In fact HSBC started doing this even earlier than you mention, with trials being run in Malaysia in the late 1980s early 1990s when I was there. However, while banks like HSBC may be at the forefront of technology, which Asia Pacific is well positioned to capitalise upon, my "warnings" are more directed towards the West, and to the less developed banks in the East, where I believe the dangers really lie if they don't keep up.


HSBC embarked on turning branches to sales outlet in 2004/2005 across Asia Pacific. Branch remodelling was pursued and korean/japanese branch sales model served as the model of the future banking....now mobile banking...the technology you mentioned are being pursued in countries where technology accptance is high....to be fair...banks have been thinking about this for awhile now...HSBC being one of them...

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