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04 July 2010



If offering exile to those murderous bastards would free the people of North Korea and end the threat of nuclear war in East Asia, then that's a bargain worth making.

In fact, as some of Mr. Kim's more decadent predilections are well known, I would support adding in a lifetime supply of old Bordeaux wine and young Russian whores if that's what it took to shift him and his loathsome gang off the throne.

Another possible solution, one less dependent on the Kims' acquiescence and one which could be implemented without delay, would be for South Korea and all other right-thinking nations to declare publicly that they will grant immediate right of abode to every single North Korean refugee who escapes the gulag. A global "touch base" policy, if you will.

With China's putative co-operation limited to simply allowing these poor suffering people to transit the Middle Kingdom on their way to freedom, this plan might lead to the peaceful implosion of the Kim regime, as it did in Eastern Europe.

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