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11 July 2010



Well, Paul was right again. For the record, he was wrong once, when he mistakenly predicted that Germany would win the Euro final (against Spain!).
Still, if Paul ever starts an investment fund, I am investing in it. Can't be worse than my current one.


I know this isn't as appealing as the notion of a psychic octopus.....but....

I think Paul is picking the most vividly coloured flag, which most of the time is the German one. he just got confused when he picked the Spanish one. It's probably now a learned habit - there's always food in the tank with the German flag on it.


Should also add that choosing the German flag each time is a pretty good bet - almost guaranteed success


Paul has excellent credentials to be an EU/Political advisor! Convoluted tentacles with many suckers attached! The ability to squeeze through tight places, to change colour, to flee & hide as a defence, &(especially) the ability to expel ink! Es perfecto!

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