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09 May 2010


David Eldon

There were many things Dr. Mahathir said that were poorly received in the West (sometimes it was due to the way the message was delivered) but, as you point out, history has shown that in many cases he had a valid point. The flawed "you're not important enough to matter" attitude of the West towards Asia has certainly been brought into question more than once lately.


Mr Eldon

Your article ( particular the criticism levelled by the Brits to the Americans on the Florida vote) reminds me of what the west say about Mahathir's action plan following the Asian crisis. Years later the American did the same thing re the bailout etc etc.The Asian people or rather the governments were 'hammered'by the west for their poor management of the economy, transparency, corruption etc etc.

Its time for the west to look within and perhaps learn one or two things from the Asian people...

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