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28 March 2010



How interesting! As you say,it is difficult nowadays in most countries to properly personally acknowledge good service,as it it is,unfortunately, difficult to gage the recipient of your gratuity,which is sad for both sides of the equation. Especially as a lot of waiters are not well paid.In most of Europe, certainly,France & Spain, nobody tips,as the TVA,is high.

As an example of the other end of the spectrum: years ago, in London, being at a table in a smart restaurant, the people,on the next table had just left -leaving a tip of a halfpenny, as an insult to the waiter,who demonstably showed his chagrin, & therefore, clearly, got the point!! We shortly, & regretably found out why that was justified!! Whether he learnt from that is open to question! I'm sure,however,the people who left the 1/2p enjoyed doing so!

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