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30 September 2009



You cannot seriously compare civil liberties in China with those in US (or Singapore or Thailand for that matter). Credibility lost, I would say. Whether Americans especially are more or less patriotic than PRC citizens, they do at least have a choice.

Paul Eldon

I think China has come a tremendous distance since the problems of the mid-20th century but I do believe it's premature to think they're in a global leadership position. In time perhaps, but not yet. In the meantime let's stop China bashing and let them get on and celebrate a remarkable achievement. To all those who would try and belittle the accomplishment I wonder - have you ever been?

PS Equally irritating are those who don't detract from China but jump on the pro-China bandwagon without enough thought. Case in point: watched an episode of "Dragon's Den Online" on YouTube the other day. There was a chap looking for investment for his "school" to teach Mandarin to primary school aged children. My problem? He thinks he can teach the language after spending 6 months in Shanghai. Six months. As evidenced in his opening sentence to the dragons (plural) alas, he cannot.


excellent!! and yes, how true. Many looked down on china just a few years back but the shift has been amazing. The die-hard fans of the west are still skeptical about the country and its future!! THe asians find hope in a country they can now cling on to. Yes, its time for Asia! Time for china! Cheers David!!

hans olijve

another nice piece...love the comment made by the Chinese Ambassador...but the question is just copy, emulate or just do their own thing?

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