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28 May 2009



some people in Korea who supported former President Roh tried to impeach the present President.
DPRK(means North Korea)allows first tour group from Shanghai, China to their country.This country is still unserachable for our common Chinese.As a lot of my friends who had gone to S.Korea said it didn't seem to be very developed and most buildings and constructions are not modern and beautiful as which are shown in popular Korean TV serious..I'm not sure,cause I haven't been there once. What have you seen in S.Korea??


What a fascinating trip! More details, please, with time! Definately a guest appearance from, if possible, both Eldon sons - by popular demand!!
Running the Planet, looks muy interesante! Certainly a step up from RAK Hash House Harriers! Possibly not too much though - as we were shot at, if you recall!!!


Welcome back. Missed your blog. Please tell us more about your trip, which is definitely more interesting than the stock market.

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