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21 February 2009


viv ma

Very touching.... I always learn something from you every time we talk, and with this piece of very inspirational writing, I truly see a great mind and a great heart from you. Wish Mary and you all the best!


louise palmer

I wish your mother good health, happiness
and joy in these her later years!!



thanks for your sharing.
I was moved and broke into tears.
Hoito, Hongkong


Please leave the job for me. I am sure I can do a good job. I almost had tears in my eyes. Sukyi

David Eldon

Used to try that, but the reporters always agreed - and never quite got round to it!
Had a nice offer tonight from a journalist to translate it into Chinese for me, though, and I might just take her up on it.


My suggestion - offer an exclusive interview giving your thoughts on Hong Kong's economy but tell them the "price" is that they have to run "A Job's a Job" before you'll sit down with their reporter. Quid pro quo ...

Sandy So

Mr. Eldon, thanks for sharing Mary's story, it's so great. She has intelligence, and also a good sense of humour, I think.
I totally agreed with you, "stop whining - be happy you even have a job, as there are many who don't."
Looking for more sharing.

David Eldon

Thank you for the comment and, needless to say, I couldn't agree more. With "Burns Night" just passed and therefore fresh in the memory, and using a title from an earlier post, his poem "Man's Inhumanity to Man" rings loud and clear. It seems that the term "human being" - which should apply to everyone - somehow gets lost in translation in certain quarters.

As for getting this translated into Chinese, perhaps I will see what I can do - but getting the newspapers to print it is another matter. A Chinese version on the Blog perhaps?


I think one of the reasons that people may view such work as "the height of humiliation" is because so many of the domestic helpers are treated poorly by their employers.

I've had the same woman working for me for more than 7 years. When I first hired her, I felt that it was important for me to make her comfortable and happy in my home - that if I succeeded then she would do a better job for me. And as time went by and I got to know her better, I learned about the sacrifices she was making in order to provide a better life for her family - only seeing her son once a year, splitting from her husband, etc. Seven years later, I don't consider her a servant, I consider her to be part of my family.

Your excellent post here should be more widely disseminated - get this translated into Chinese and run in the local newspapers!


Well, I'll never!

Many people who have never met David Eldon think of you as a posh Brit but you are truly a self made man (with some guidance from a remarkable woman of course).

I learnt something today reading this post. Which doesn't happen very often.

Sleeves up, hands to the deck, and we'll make something out of this fine mess.


I believe I asked the right question, whether the leading role of the story was remained anonymous or not. That really matters.
And thanks for sharing your story.

Cristina Eldon

Pop- that was a great piece of writing...

hans olijve

it only shows that with a perceived or socalled low paying or status occupation you should never rob your self of your dignity, esteem or your brain and the power of it. Unfortunately the PH government is proud of their export product sending all the money home to their loved ones.It is a pity as the government should focus more on the means how the OFW can earn their money in their homecountry and see their kids/family grow up.

Robert Chesney

Great qualities! All too rare nowadays, unfortunately, to the considerable detriment of society!
How good that those qualities have continued in 'Mary's' following generation, & no doubt those qualities will have been passed on to the subsequent generation.
Pleased to hear that your mother remains alive & well. Also, how nice (& possibly reassuring) to have longevity in the old genes!!

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