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30 January 2009



the oabama effect or the bush effect lets see after 4 years....

Robert Chesney

A Propos my previous comment: today (2/5/09), Obama welcomes Blair as 'a very good friend', & 'someone who will do it better than I will do it'!!!!!!!

Please!!! Enough to make any politically thinking person throw up!!!

Even allowing for diplomacy,what a statement!! Certainly,cautious judgement required here!!!

Ladbrokes just slashed the odds for a dynamic Presidency!

Best wishes, Bob

Robert Chesney

It's amazing how, almost inevitably, reporters seem to go for short term sensation that make a splash, rather than being cautious & keeping some perspective.
Not surprising that more people seem to skip the 'News' pages,& go straight to the 'Comment/Editorial' pages!
Despite an encouraging start, in one respect Obama has an easy job, following a lack lustre Pesident, who was clearly not 'the sharpest tool in the shed'!
Given the opportunities he has, let us hope Obama does not turn out to be like Blair - surely the biggest political con artist of all! Or, a great orator like JFK, whom history has shown, was not one of the greatest of Presidents, despite the fanfares, (although to be fair, he was not allowed to fulfill his possible potential!)
Now Obama has hold of the 'reins' political reality, as opposed to rhetoric, that must be sobering! But with team members like Herr Hillary, & the current band of international non entities, caution is surely wise!

Best wishes, Bob

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