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08 January 2008



I guess we need to trust the legal system of Hong Kong. All are equal before the law. Let's not sanctify those who are in high positions or active in charity and assume their integrity would never be tainted by personal ambition or swift greed.

As a member of the public, I don't find her particularly popular. As for her role in the Chamber, I'm not a member, so I would have to get clues from Mr. Eldon's blog entry.

Anyways, even if there's any political conspiracy or secret hands behind the scene, if you are innocent, no one can trip you over in HK. We all trust ICAC, don't we?

Last but not least, what does the case have to do with terrorism? It seems that not just government authorities are abusing in the name of terrorism now!


I think you are jumping to conclusions. One cannot believe that someone like Lily Chiang would accept the chairmanship of the Chamber if she had known she was under investigation by the ICAC. Rather, I think she felt that the matter was already put to rest after the SFC hearings. Looking at the chronology of events, it is now known that the ICAC investigation started ONLY AFTER the SFC had found Lily Chiang INNOCENT (for the second time in July 2007) of what appears to be the same case and after six years of investigation. The case referred to the ICAC AFTER the SFC had lost their case TWICE. Why didn’t the SFC refer the case to the ICAC when they started their own investigation? It seems so obvious that someone very high up is clearly out to get her. It is a shame as she is very popular in the Chamber and among the public. Perhaps someone to fear down the line when Hong Kong has universal suffrage.

With the abuse of government authority happening all over the world in the name of terrorism, perhaps we should be more disappointed in Hong Kong’s administration. My sympathies and support go out to Lily Chiang and her family.


Unfortunately, for some people, personal interests override all other things.

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