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28 December 2007



Greetings Mr. Eldon,

I'm an avid reader of your blog, I found your blog while Googling your name (which I found while researching Korea).

I was assigned the region of Korea to seek mutual cooperation, and see about finding investors who are looking to invest in the GCC or MENA Funds.

I find your posts enriching to my primitive knowledge of the micro-economics of those regions you are in.

Thank you again for blogging, keep those posts coming.




I read those comments in another Korean blog...I guess born of a long and frustrating experience in Korea...but not everyone feels that way!

Lenna KM Lee

Attracting FDI has been recognized as the source of nation's competitive advantage.

Unlike other nations of Asian Tiger,Korea has been lagged behind in terms of FDI destination. In that point,it seems to be very cheering news that new Korea government of LMB actively envisions to build global competitiveness,focusing on FDI attractiveness.

Through my knowledge based on nation-branding research, sustainable nation's competitiveness needs 'nation branding' approach, encompassing branding mechanism that has been built throughout the past and that will envisage the future.

David Eldon

Thank you. At least there seems to be no shortage of advice, all of which will be noted. Having played rugby on sand in the Middle East for a good few years, I do understand how important it is to have a grass rugby pitch - good priority!
While I am here; if the contributor to a blog in Korea who wonders what difference an "old white guy" (his words) is going to make, to another who thinks my appointment might be about "tokenism", and a third who questions my motives apropos HSBC in Korea, let me reiterate I am not doing this because it's cosy. I am doing it because I believe it's the best shot at starting to make a difference - but if it proves impossible, I am not handcuffed, and can go at any time. It is my view, long considered, that Lee Myung-bak is serious about his intentions - and under those conditions I am happy to add whatever weight I have to a "change" scenario. The rest, as they say, will be a matter of actions being louder than words.


There is a significant body of opinion that the first three things vital to making Korea a more attractive destination for FDI are;
1. Non-religious based International Education
2. Clean up Itaewon
3. A grass rugby pitch
Looking forward to your impact in Korea!

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