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23 July 2007


David Eldon

Hmm, questions and comments on retirement and poetry (and prose) - and there aren't too many people who know about the latter! Retire is something you do when you run out of companies who think you might just have something of use to them, but it's hard to think you might not be useful any more! But then I guess you have time to write poetry for, and in the company of, friends in a suitable hostelry, just about anywhere in the world - and remembering opening lines like:
In the cold light of morning
I reached for you,
And you were not there
My dreams had made you real....

Sentimental, but precious memories. Ah well, back to blogging!!


what were the ingredients to your great success....what happened to your poetry David. Well done and welcome to Dubai. Look forward to a chat ?


"Retire" ? Would please spell that out for me ?
It's so true that a relaxed ambience and consistent quality in food and service, are the key ingredients to win loyal patrons, but so unfortunate that many of the diners forget this simple mantra to success.

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