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02 February 2018


John D


The "real world" is exactly where you are now: retired, or not... on holiday, or not... travelling with friends, or not... like it, or not: whatever... there is nothing else.

As to "retirement" I deliberately chose to spend the last five years of my employment preparing for exactly that event. It still took me five more years thereafter to fully let go (and to properly readjust).

That genuine letting go is important, because all the unnecessary stress begins to disappear when you do that. Perhaps you think that you are not stressed: that would be exactly what I thought, until I let go, and realised.

Oh, and your "fully retired" is anything but the bucket that you seem to think it is.

Kind Regards


Hi Mr Eldon

What a timing to read your blog! I was playing with my device and realised your blog is still in my reading list. I recall reading your last ‘adios’ post hence was pleasantly surprised to read that you are ‘back’ ... not sure since when..

Trust you are in good health and family as well. I have since retired some 3 years ago - unplanned .... and late 4Q17 I came out of ‘retirement’ as an independent director in an Islamic Bank and a general insurance company. Interesting ‘adventure’ thus far ... Ana in LA with two of lovely grandsons .. back next week after celebrating Christmas and new year with the kids and her family ...just an update and good to know that I now have u back ‘live’ in action ... keep well Sir...



HaHa, David, I think the word 'Retirement' has a very different meaning to you!!! Or there is no such word in your dictionary :) We love your wisdom and insights! Please keep it up!

Inebriated Viking

Hi David, Happy recent CNY.

Keep up the your blog comments, they are appreciated from many sectors, and any contrary less than routine PC views.

Looking forward to your future comments on ur life's reflections as it is.

David Eldon

What else does one say to an inebriated viking other than skål (unless you happen to be from Iceland or the Faroes!).
My retirement in recent weeks has been blighted by too much important paper, but more words coming soon and thank you for your kind words.

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