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14 September 2017


John D

Freedom of speech is not really different to other freedoms: that is, there is no freedom except within limitations.

If we participate in a system the first thing we do is to note the rules that participants must follow.

For example, if one plays chess one is free to make whatever move one wishes ... as long as that move is allowed by the rules of chess. One is physically able to make a move that isn’t allowed in those rules, but then the game is no longer chess, and the point of playing is lost.

Society is no different: it is the rules of a system that make one free within the system.

As to those individuals who would attack our system of law and denigrate our judiciary and trash our police force and mock our civil servants: those individuals need to be reminded that laws primarily exist to protect the weak. Without rules and the enforcement thereof, individuals have no meaningful protection from those stronger than they are.

Freedom without any rules would lead to breakdown of society and dangerous chaos...

.. but perhaps that is what the instigators of recent violent civil unrest actually want.

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